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Subject: The Elevator Encounter Chapter4CHAPTER FOUR - BETRAYAL AND SUFFERING Days passed and Ethan felt his bond with Jonny grow ever
stronger. Jonny spent frequent nights over at Ethan's whenever he was
"lonely." This was both 1980 adult female pornstars
beneficial and in a way, taunting for Ethan. He
loved giving Jonny hugs and kisses. He would find himself daydreaming about
Jonny during work. Jonny's beautiful green eyes, his slim frame, his
soft-red lips, and charming smile. But after their talk a few days ago,
Jonny had to resign to a serious relationship with Ethan because he still
"feels a sense of devotion to Sean for "saving" him." It taunted Ethan the
way Jonny would talk and laugh with him, and in the back of his mind he
knew he still wanted Jonny. He hated to listen to their phone calls, where
he knew on the other side of Jonny's cheerfulness, Sean only cared about
his "piece of ass." Despite all this, Ethan had to admit, the nights were
certainly warmer with the petite Jonny sharing his bed. While Ethan was
considerably happier this way (Even his co-workers had noticed a change),
he was also nervous. At nights he would wake up, and feel his arm around
Jonny's waist as they slept, this gave him a little "Window of oppertunity"
where Ethan would relish the feeling of Jonny's silky smooth skinm but then
he would panic that he was violating Jonny's wishes and would retract his
arm, this was a nightly event that became pretty common for him. After some
self-talk Ethan would fall back asleep again only to wake up in the morning
again with his arms around Jonny.
One day, during a lunch date with a client Ethan saw Sean sitting
at a booth, without Jonny! In his place was some older boy. "Asshole" Ethan
muttered. "Excuse me!?" The client Ethan was talking to looked
offended. "Uh, sorry, not you, could we.. talk about your case later? Im
terribly sorry, but I have... alot on my mind." Ethan quickly excused
himself. As soon as his client walked outside, he noticed Sean had walked
into 15 yo fisting pics
the restroom. As soon as the restroom door closed he sat down at the
booth he once occupied. Before the other boy could say anything he butted
in. "so... I dont mean to be nosey but is that boy your boyfriend? You two
look like a cute couple" Ethan smiled, but inside he held his anger
back. "Yeah, thanks. He is cute isnt he, you should see him in bed." The
other vicky 9yo tgp boy said. "Hi, my names Andy" The other boy said. "Im Ethan" just as
the two were shaking hands Sean walked out of the restroom and froze at the
sight. "Hey... its... um that guy from the you porn 15 elevator!" Sean said. "So, what
happened with Jonny?" Ethan asked him, hoping this would make the boy sweat
a little. "Um... I dont know who you're talking about." Sean said,
obviously starting to tense a little. "Sean, whats going on?" Andy
asked. "Oh, I thought you knew about Jonny, you know, Sean's other
boyfriend." Ethan felt such a surge of power coming from within him. "What
other boyfriend, Sean! You promised me that you wouldnt cheat behind my
back, 16yo video pics
I should've known never to trust you after last time!" Andy stormed
out, leaving Sean standing there, dumbstruck. Ethan merely smiled and
leaned in to whisper something to Sean. "The next time you treat someone I
love as a "piece of ass" or cheat behind them, I'll make your life a living
hell." With that, Ethan left the restaurant.
A few days later, Ethan was resting in his hotel room when someone
started to knock. Ethan sighed as he got up and opened the door. "Ethan..."
Jonny was on the other side. "Jonny? Whats wrong?" Ethan pushed the door
all the way back. "Ethan...Sean... he.. he broke up with me." Jonny started
to cry. "Oh..." Ethan felt nicky 14yo free picture a wave of guilt wash over him. "Jonny, he was
cheating on you, I know I saw him" Ethan said, sitting on the bed next to
the still sobbing boy. "Didn't you say yourself he was more interested in
sex than you?" Ethan asked. "Yeah, b-but.. he was still the first... my
first kiss, my first boyfriend, and he... he was the one who took my
virginity.... I was... I was always taught that that was special. I had
to... re-wrap myself after... after my past." Jonny kept crying. "Jonny,
dont cry, just dont, please? I... eh... I love you" Ethan kissed Jonny, and
wiped away the tears streaking down Jonny's face.
After a few days of "recovering" Jonny and Ethan were walking back
into the hotel lobby just as they were walking into the hotel lobby Ethan
felt a tap on his shoulder. "Ethan?" A voice asked. "Andy?" Ethan sounded
surprised as he turned around. "Who's this?" Jonny asked, tightning cummins 903 horse power
grip on Ethan's arm. "Are you... Jonny?" Andy asked. "y-yeah" Jonny
said. 16 and nude "Im Andy... Im um... Im the other guy Sean... yeah.. er.. sorry"
Ethan could feel Jonny tense up. "uh..." Sean smiled, "Its okay,
I... wouldnt really know what to say anyway, um... can we talk? I
just... feel that I owe an apology to you" At this point Sean looked at
Ethan, "could we... have a moment?"
Still unsure and cautious, Ethan hung around watching the two boys
talking over some sims 2 erotic dreams drinks. "Hey honey, I see you eye'n that boy, I'll tell
you... dont bother" The waitress said, pulling down napkins. "Excuse me?"
Ethan wasnt sure what he just heard. "Honey, I'll tell you, that boy over
there, I know him very well, he's one of my regulars, he already has a
boyfriend." Suddenly Ethan's heart sunk a mile, it had already been two
weeks and Jonny had already found someone else. "Yep, he told me its
someone cummins ni4 who lives near him, and I think he said that he was a lawyer. But
anyway What'll it be?" The waitress looked at Ethan intently, who only
smiled in joy. " just some coffee please." He 12 wild black sex had to contain
himself from jumping for joy. After 15 g prostate
about a hour and a half of talking, the two boys stood from
the table, Ethan had never seen Jonny look so pained. He knew that Jonny
had been deeply hurt when he was dumped, and made up his mind to do all 14 y.o. xxx he
could to take it off Jonny's mind. "E-Ethan, could we... go
up... to.. home?" Jonny asked as his body quivered. "Jonny, Im so sorry,
but... I ended it with him.. today." Andy said, putting his hand on Jonny's
shoulder. At this, Jonny turned around and as he did, the small tears
leaking out of his eyes fell. "Im sorry, you didnt have to leave him
... not for me." He said. "Jonny, you're... you're very kind, anybody who
could cheat on you, obviously would cheat on me." Andy said as he wiped
away the tears on Jonny's cheek. "Oh, right, Ethan? Can Andy stay with us
for just tonight, he 6-pack abs female escort
came all the way from across town." Ethan was a little
unsure about letting the boy Sean cheated on Jonny with, but consented when
Jonny assured him it was okay. "Okay, lets take you back to your bleach arrancar 3 room, I
guess Andy will take your other bed?" Ethan said putting his extreme 12yo arm around
Jonny. "No... I 3 girl cumshots want to go.. home" He said, Ethan smiled and nodded.

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